Early Motherhood

Motherhood: The moment a new woman is born.

When we become "Mom", we become a brand-new version of ourselves. It doesn't matter how you birthed your baby or if you weren't the one to birth this child. We step into motherhood as new woman every time we add a child's life to ours. Early motherhood sessions are a heart string puller for me. As someone who struggled with infertility seven years before conceiving, I live to capture the new moments you have embracing your special title as Mom. Early motherhood is for maternity, mom with new baby, nursing/feeding session, postpartum empowerment, birthing sessions, and beyond. This is about you and your current life chapter.

Things we can incorporate into early motherhood sessions are breastfeeding, adoption, exclusive pumpers, still birthday, rainbow baby, IVF, and postpartum body positivity. This session is about you, embracing the new you and this moment in your life. You are strong. You are courageous. You are beautiful. YOU ARE MOM! and you are more than worthy of documenting these days that will quickly slip away.

Birth + Fresh48

Do I shoot births? That answer is a hell yes! Hiring a birth photographer may be right for you if you want to be present in the moment without worrying about being on your phone or if you want the full, undivided support from dad without him having to worry about the checklist of pictures you want. Also, not sure why they call these Fresh48s when baby is typically released before then, but hey! I shoot those too and would love to document your baby's first day(s) of life!

Family + Children

Are you afraid your children won’t behave?

"I hope they cooperate and we get some good ones." I hear this from at least half of the families I shoot with. The best part of me telling your story you through imagery is that we get to capture emotion and movement. We have to follow the lead your kids give us. Your daughter may need time to unwind while your son needs held. All children are different. You don't need to explain anything to me. There are no worries here mama!


Your love isn't ordinary, why should your pictures be?

I do not shoot still posing. It doesn't represent your love connection. I want to capture the way he looks at you when he brushes the hair from your face and the way that you smile when he cracks a corny joke. I want to show you the sparks between you that you may not see anymore. I want to light the fire you had the moment you knew they were the one. Come fall in love all over again in front of my camera.